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Jean Lua on embedding a coaching culture throughout

It’s natural to promote strong performers to new leadership and management roles, especially when your company is scaling fast.

But naming someone a leader doesn’t mean that they have the skills to lead well—they have to gain them. That’s why Hupo sat down with Jean Lua, Chief HR Officer at Kredivo Holdings.

Below, Jean shares three lessons she’s learned about leadership development and why it should be a priority from day one — no matter how rapidly your company is growing.

Chief HR Officer at Kredivo Holdings

It’s so important to build a culture where your managers and leadership learn to empower and invite their team members to solve problems and think for themselves.

Jean Lua,

Chief HR Officer at Kredivo Holdings

Coaching leaders enables them to coach their team, which is different to managing one

How can a manager successfully coach someone if they’ve never been coached themselves? If you don’t have an established program, your leadership team — and their direct reports — are missing out on learning opportunities. As Jean explains:

That contrast is why tailored coaching for managers and leaders is so important.

If you want your managers to successfully coach their direct reports, they’ll need to have that frame of reference. ‘My coach did this with me, so now I know how to bring that to my team’.

Coaching solves team-wide organizational problems

Jean and the Kredivo team believe in coaching a key strategy for solving overarching organizational problems. (One of the many reasons why they turn to Hupo.)

Here’s one example:

  1. 1. Several team members were struggling to communicate with each other, so Kredivo’s talent team stepped in.
  2. 2. Instead of giving them individual training, they asked everyone to start working with a Hupo coach.
  3. 3. Because individual coaching journeys were happening in parallel, they were able to come together to solve their challenges and built a deeper rapport.

Looking forward, Jean knows that coaching will pay future dividends, solving communication issues before they begin.

Coaching leads to results — both
short-term and long-term

Great managers help employees get things done in the short term. But investing in those managers means their employees will thrive — and continue to for years. That’s why Kredivo chose Hupo.

Hupo enabled Kredivo leaders and managers to buy into coaching and effectively coach their own team members and direct reports — from providing emotional support to helping individuals hone their unique skill sets. Then because these direct reports have been coached themselves, they will have a reference for knowing how to effectively coach others too, if/when they eventually become leaders.

As a result, Kredivo sees stronger day-to-day results from their teams, as well as closer knit relationships — whose benefits manifest both immediately and over the long haul. In short, Jean thinks leadership development, and especially coaching, is well worth the investment.

Coaching is one of those skills that will equip your managers to help your employees thrive. It’s not just about learning how to coach, but also understanding its long-term impact. That’s where Hupo comes in.


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