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Learn how Kredivo Holdings works with Hupo to offer personalized coaching to employees — empowering both individual leaders and their teams.

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of direct reports surveyed have confidence in their managers’ decisions


of direct reports surveyed agree
that their manager handles disagreements
and conflicts very well


average user rating

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A lot of coachees had never experienced coaching before, and it has given them a space to be more reflective and self-aware. Some of the managers have been forced to re-evaluate their value systems and consider how they work or not with their teams.

Sze Foong,

Head of Talent Development at Kredivo


Kredivo Holdings builds financial services that are fast, cost-efficient, and widely accessible — all wrapped in a beautiful UX. They offer instant credit, personal loans, and more to anyone with a mobile phone. Since founding, Kredivo has raised over $400M – a unicorn in the financial services space.

The Challenge

Rapid organisational growth challenged leadership capabilities

Kredivo is a startup that has grown rapidly. To keep up with the speed of demand and development, Kredivo onboarded new leaders. Some were via promotion due to individual contribution, while other senior leaders were outside hires. These two sets of leaders had different needs as those recently promoted were balancing busy schedules not well suited for structured programs while outside hires were learning how to best integrate with the Kredivo team. As a result of this rapid change, Sze Foong, Head of Talent Development at Kredivo, responded by searching for a solution that would both:

  1. 1. Teach first-time managers how to transition to being leaders
  2. 2. Support senior leadership in coaching new direct reports in a 1:1 manner

Sze was thrilled to discover Hupo because like our startup clients, we’re also building something new: coaching that creates people-first organizations. That’s how she knew Hupo was the ideal development partner for Kredivo.

It’s great to have companies come together when both are just trying things out. Then, everybody’s more open to iterating and feedback. We were fortunate to find that in Hupo.

The Solution

Hupo offers both personalized and team-wide coaching

Kredivo implemented Hupo in two phases. First, leaders in their engineering and data departments were encouraged to work with a Hupo coach in their own time, without specific requirements. This helped them embark on a personalized coaching journey for their unique goals — both personal and professional.

Second, there was a department struggling with interpersonal communication. So, Sze worked with Hupo on a series of team-wide sessions with two clear goals:

  1. 1. Address the breakdown in communication
  2. 2. Uplift every team member to boost morale and rapport

After the sessions, department managers saw a clear mindset shift among team members: They found a new desire to learn and grow for the benefit of the whole team. Sze attributes those results to the fact that it’s effortless to engage with and find momentum through Hupo.

I love that when a manager comes to me and requests coaching, I can say, ‘I can activate this for you with Hupo by next week.’ It’s so great and all because of how responsive Hupo is.


The Results

Hupo empowers individual managers and whole teams alike

With Hupo, both Kredivo’s managers and their teams have been building stronger, healthier connections with themselves and their coworkers. First-time managers learned to coach themselves through challenges, while senior leaders learned to coach their teams while setting boundaries.

Sze emphasizes that Hupo empowers people across Kredivo to take ownership of themselves and their growth. Here are some of the results Kredivo has enjoyed thanks to Hupo:


of direct reports surveyed have confidence in their managers’ decisions


of direct reports surveyed agree that their manager handles disagreements and conflicts very well


average user rating

Working with Hupo gives our people an opportunity to learn something else in their day, week, or month. That’s the value. It takes them out of their usual zone and gets them to just think about themselves, what they want, and how they can grow a bit more objectively.

The Future

Hupo will become a long-term resource for professional development at Kredivo

Looking forward, Kredivo is excited to keep expanding how they utilize Hupo’s coaching. In fact, they increased their session licenses with Hupo by 500% after just 4 months. They’re partnering with Hupo to:

  1. 1. Build more coaching modules that set clear goals for employees
  2. 2. Encourage both open-ended, exploratory learning and progress toward trackable goals for managers and direct reports
  3. 3. Cement Hupo as a key professional learning and development benefit at their company

As Sze and her team partner up with Hupo for the long term, they expect to see even more growth and focus from each and every employee.

Get started with Hupo.

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