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Learn how Busy Bees partnered with Hupo to strengthen their employees’ confidence, decision-making skills, and day-to-day job satisfaction.

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Busy Bees Asia CEO

Working with Hupo is a win-win. By equipping our employees with the essential skills, it not only enhances their performance, but also contributes to our growth. It instills a sense of ownership and loyalty among our people, which is critical for employee retention in today’s competitive market.

June Rusdon,

CEO of Busy Bees Asia


Busy Bees is a global child care service provider that values innovative pedagogy, rigorous curriculums, and sophisticated educational tech. Their Asia branch manages nine successful early childhood education brands in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. In Singapore alone, Busy Bees has 2,700 employees — 2,500 of whom are teachers.

The Challenge

Leaders at Busy Bees need to navigate daily high-stress interactions

June Rusdon - CEO of Busy Bees Asia is always looking for ways to enrich and support her principals and leadership. She viewed one team in particular as the up-and-coming generation of exceptional staff in her schools. With this, June aimed to:

  1. 1. Boost their internal self-confidence.
  2. 2. Help them learn self-assured decision-making.

Managers and directors at Busy Bee establishments need to be well-versed in personal decision-making because parents can call them with sensitive demands at any time of day. At premium pre-schools, parents can be especially intense — and employees need the skills to handle high-stress interactions.

When June heard about Hupo's coaching platform, she was elated. She quickly hand-picked which team members she'd like to coach first, and the partnership kicked off smoothly from there. 

The Solution

Hupo’s leadership coaching helped Busy Bees’ leadership gain confidence

For six months, 15 Busy Bees employees in Singapore and 10 in Malaysia trialed Hupo’s program. After it ended, “Those who did the program sincerely expressed their gratitude for the experience”, says June.

One participating Busy Bees leader emphasized that the coaching was a confidence boost for their managerial skills. For instance:

  1. 1. When they needed to work with parents or fellow school staff to resolve conflict, their Hupo coach helped them resolve the issue professionally.
  2. 2. Knowing the Hupo coaches had their back then helped employees enjoy their work more and reduce anxiety around parent interactions..

The Busy Bees team also loved how flexible and supportive Hupo is on the back end.

When an employee felt the chemistry was missing with their first Hupo coach, they requested a new match — and the Hupo team was prompt and pleasant in making it happen.  

I could see the sincerity of our employees who participated in Hupo coaching when they shared their experiences with me. One of our directors was especially grateful and said Hupo helped them a lot in terms of building their self-confidence and people management skills.

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The Results

Employees are more likely to thrive at Busy Bees after working with Hupo

As an employer, Busy Bees invests in their team’s confidence and problem-solving skills. That’s why so many of their employees start as assistants and grow into leadership positions.

Down the line, that investment can become a win-win for both parties:

  1. 1. The company’s employees have gained and refined value-add leadership skill sets.
  2. 2. After many years of loyal employment, Busy Bees has gained a team member with strong ownership potential within the organization.

In other words: Employee growth strengthens your organization and leads to increases in employee retention, productivity, and your bottom line.

Take a closer look at the metric benefits Busy Bees sees thanks to Hupo: 

At least


saved on training & talent dev cost


average user rating

Contributing to ENPS


The employees who’ve worked with Hupo want to stay at Busy Bees. They look forward to coming to work every day and aren’t anxious about stressful interactions. They know they can always call their Hupo coach to guide them if they need someone to talk to or help manage a situation.

The Future

Hupo helps lift up your employees, who then bolster your business

Looking forward, June and the Busy Bees team are excited to see what the next year of their partnership with Hupo will bring. They’re eager to: 

  1. 1. Cultivate even more young leaders within the organization.
  2. 2. Assess how Hupo participants will continue to lift up Busy Bees in the long term as their business grows.

June is overall confident in the impact Hupo’s coaching has and will continue to have on her company and team. This level of employee growth and confidence is a value that Busy Bees prioritizes above all.

Get started with Hupo.

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